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Let's have a little nuance if you please.  I don't hate "Moderate" Muslims -
I'm just not sure there are any.  


Then as to guns you are way off.  I was a rifle instructor at Camp Pendelton
and met a lot of people, Marines of a sort, who I wouldn't want to have
guns.  I mean it was okay when I was telling them which way to point and how
to squeeze, but I wouldn't want them walking around with a loaded gun on
their own.


But on a foggy morning when I'm out on the river and can't see fifteen feet
in front of me and I hear the coyotes calling and my dogs are staying real
close like there is something out there they don't want to tangle with,
yeah, my 357 is a comfort.  It's the American way.  In fact if you don't
agree with that you're probably a Commie Prevert Marxist Leftist.  


But Marxist Liberal?  I'm not sure I ever met one of those.





Lawrence H. hates Muslims, Marxist-Liberals and men without guns.  Andy
Mexicans, Republicans and the whole human race.  Josey Wells sells his
for a mess of racist potage and complains about being looked down on.  Me?
just don't know enough to hate anybody except bankers -- god, I hate those 
bastards (better hide Alex).
You've got to love this list.
Mike Geary


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