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O.K. writes

> I am not sure that Icke would count as a left-wing
> nuts - he is also opposed to environmentalism, that's
> why the reptilians are green.

I, too, would not call Icke left-wing.  (But?) he is not opposed to
environmentalism as such:

In terms of the conspiracies, some people talk about how the environmental
groups are being manipulated. But, what tends to happen from this
perspective is that the environmental people get dubbed as "communists" or
"agitators. Environmentalists that I have met are genuine people who want
to clean this planet up and leave it a better place than they found it.
What we need to say to them is "we respect what you do, but just have a
look at the top of the pyramid of the environmental movement, and you will
find that all the major people who are screaming about the environment are
the same people on a corporate level who are ripping the environment
apart." One fellow named Maurice Strong, a Canadian oil millionaire, very
close to the Rockefellers, was the first UN environmental agency head and
the head of the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil. I know many genuine people who
went to the Earth Summit, and when I explained to them who was running that
show, they were stunned, because they were genuine people who were not
"street wise".

David Icke was of course a professional footballer, then, following injury,
a sports writer and commentator, and -- slightly later -- a writer on the
environment (or his views would not have received the publicity they did).

Has anyone else here seen Icke interviewed on TV? I'd like to know what
they thought.

Judy Evans

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