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  • Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 20:47:21 -0400

At 05:20 PM 5/22/04, you wrote:
>I can't wait to see the film, but I'm afraid it's pretty much preaching to
>the choir.  Does anyone think it likely to have any real impact on the 
I don't think that Michael Moore is JUST preaching to the choir. I hardly 
agree with anything he says and especially in the petulant way he says 
them, but I love his movies. because apart from revealing HIS "truth", they 
are enjoyable. He's a funny guy sometimes. He's also really childish, 
crass, a big suck [literally], infelicitous with editing and frankly, 
sometimes completely full of shit; but that's also entertaining sometimes. 
I think you are right Julie that he'll never be mainstream because he's 
just SOOOOO far left. He's moore extreme than Nader. So, others will hear 
his message, but many will say "yeah, whatever Mike!" Just like with his 
other movies. Afterall, most people are calling the movie "Fahrenheit 
nine-eleven" which I hardly think he meant it to be*. And if that IS what 
Moore called it, then HE's the dimwit!

*I was always taught it was "four five one" not "four-fifty-one". Am I 
mistaken? If I am, then I'm the dimwit!

Oh, and speaking of whack jobs, I read a book yesterday that really makes 
Michael Moore look normal and Noam Chomsky look positively sane. It was 
called "the Biggest Secret" by a guy named David Icke. Well, I am 
flabbergasted at what this guy writes. How he does NOT get charged with 100 
counts of libel I'll never know. He calls nearly every leader and past 
leader of the past 40-50 years in the world a 'paedophile' and accuses 
hundreds of very famous people with incredible acts of what he calls 
'satanism'. His book is amazingly racist, it's stupid, it's remarkably 
idiotic and yet it's so compelling that I read it straight through without 
stopping. He actually seems to believe that there is a secret reptilian 
race that controls the Earth's society. He invokes Blavatsky, Reich, 
Velikovsky, Crowley and many other 'nutters' as he mockingly accuses them 
of being in others' words. He seems to have swallowed them whole.

At times, he sounds like a raving lunatic, at others, sometimes on the same 
page, his argument is cogent and interesting until he tries to draw a 
conclusion to propel his insane ideas. He has taken conspiracy theories to 
a whole new level. Through reading the book (he has lots of references to 
his other books) I get the impression that he has been 'at it' for quite 
some time. I must admit I was shaking my head through most of the hours I 
read. I out-and-out laughed at least 10 times at the absolutely ludicrous 
stuff he writes. Has anyone read anything by this guy? He seems to be 
mentally disturbed, but hey, maybe we live in fictitious times and live 
fictitious lives and Icke is right.

If nothing else, it's quite the history of lunatics. I hope this is Lou 
Reed's idea of what "taking a walk on the wild side" might be. I've walked 
there now, and I kind of like my side a bit better. All I can says is "icke!"


Paul Stone
Leamington, ON

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