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TF: We went silent for a while. It didn't snow outside, and even if
it did we didn't any longer have a way to find out.

"Hume used his fork quite a bit to judge from his portrait," Eric
said. "Quite a bit. Popular use of the fork was a seventeenth
century innovation."

"But Hume was not a seventeenth century philosopher," replied his

"I know."

"And epistemology is not doing too well these days," ventured the
cat, "what with all those French bipeds claiming everything is
eccentric in the Logos."

"It's a hangover from relying on Euclidian geometry as the model of
certainty," said Eric. "That fifth postulate came undone after
Gauss, and non-Euclidian geometries sprouted. When philosophers lost
confidence in geometry, it was only a matter of time..."

"Is that food?"


"So why are you talking to a cat?"


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