[lit-ideas] Metaphysical Flat-Earthers vs. Metaphysical Round-Earthers

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spherical, ellipsoid.
Grice: While science is the realm of hypothesis, metaphysics is  the realm 
of hypostasis.
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"I wasn't aware Magee was one of the list's favourite philosophers (and he  
is not an original philosopher so much as an expositor and commentator):  
certainly what he says about the 'linguistic turn' and other failings in  
academic analytical philosophy in his Confessions of a Philosopher would seem 
to  go against the grain for most - unless perhaps you're a Popperian. Magee 
is  clear that there is more serious interest in philosophy outside the 
ranks of  professional philosophers than inside those ranks - these and other 
startling  claims are cogently defended in that very worthwhile book which I 
commend to the  list. (When he refers to most academic philosophers as 
'metaphysical  flat-earthers' he uses a phrase that I had previously used 
myself - 
in Finals,  in a paper where I received a very low mark, which some will 
say serves me right  but which some will say shows the calibre of academic 
Further references:

"No doubt, that admission -- based on hard evidence -- will cost him  his 
bathroom key to the metaphysical Flat Earther's faculty lounge."
"Ryle, like many in the Oxford School, may be characterised as a  
'metaphysical flat-earther' : the world is metaphysically flat, not  layered."

Metaphysical Flat-Earther
Metaphysical Round-Earther
The earth is flat, metaphysically.
The earth is round, metaphysically.
The earth is spherical.
The earth is ellipsoid.

Metaphysical Spherical-Earther.
Metaphysical Ellipsoid-Earther.
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