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Reduced to one-session.

>(1) Why is there anything rather than nothing?  
Nihilism versus ... ? What's the word for 'there is something'?
>(2) What does "is" mean? 
Reading: Is existence a predicate? Pears/Thomson, in "The philosophy of  

>(3) Does anything 
>have meaning in and of itself, that is,  outside the meaning we ascribe to 
"Those spots mean measles"
Is measles something those spots mean? -- reading: Grice, 'Meaning'.
(4)  Doth God exact day labor, light denied? 
>That is to say,  is there any moral concept that is not culturally 

Etym. 'mos', custom. Reductio ad absurdum of moral concept as not  
culturally connected.
American culture as not culturally contingent.

>(5)  Is a thought a thing?   is intentionality just  another form of 
Reading: Husserl: intentionality _de re_ versus de dicto.
 (6) Where do new ideas come from?  
Where do _old_ ideas come from? Locke's reply. Descartes's reply. 

>(7) why is it that 
>the extremist religious  fanatics are almost always men? 
The case of Joan of Arc -- some 'ballsy' Frenchwoman.
>(8)  Was Michael Jackson a real human being or a product of  
He was a born from Indiana abused by his father. He was never allowed to do 
 anything but move around and he was not allowed to spend the fortune he 
was  making. He never read "The Iliad". He transcended race by denying his own 
(?).  He was famous for the Moon Walk. His singing compares unfavourably 
with  Pavarotti's -- although they did a duetto together.
>watching him perform was equivalent to what philosophy  means to me.  
His life was his performance. R. I. P.
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