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>My favorite "Canadian" story about the "glorious" American Revolution
>actually came from a semi-pornographic novel of the 1960's, Terry
>Southern's CANDY.  In it, two characters are riding in a car through
>northern Vermont, and the patriotic American is waxing eloquent about
>how much we owe to the glorious patriots whose blood created the freedom
>and the prosperity visible all around them. This speech goes on for a
>few paragraphs until the other person in the car points out that for the
>last few miles, the car has actually been in Canada, not the U.S.

Let's not forget that the primary reason why Canada is not part of the USA 
is that they don't do human enslavement there. In the good old 
pre-Civil-War USA the key political fact that determined whether a region 
could become a new state or not was whether it was going to come into the 
federal union adding two Senate votes for the slavery bloc of states, 
centered on Virginia and North Carolina, or was going to come into the 
federal union adding two Senate votes for the nonslavery bloc of states, 
centered on Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. The balance of power had always 
to be maintained. For instance, when we obtained Florida from Spain, we 
could make that acquisition into a new "slave" state only by splitting off 
a district of Massachusetts into a new "free" state named Maine.

The provinces of Canada were never conquered and were never brought into 
the federal union, not primarily because of any British triumph of arms, 
but primarily because -- all that Canadian freedom would have given us 
federal indigestion.

In addition, we needed a nearby place where Americans of conscience could 
hang out. --For instance, after the failure of the Captain John Brown raid 
on the federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia, a number of American 
citizens needed to take refuge from being hanged for treason, by fleeing to 

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