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From my Loeb  "Martialis":
Arrigis  ad vetvlas, fastidis, Basse, pvellas, nec formosa tibi, sed moritvra 
placet.  hic, rogo, non fvror est, non haec est mentvla demens? cvm possis 
Hecaben, non  potes Andromachen.  
Complete  the following sentences. Use as guide the Latin text above.  
You get it up  for ---   --- , Bassus; you loathe girls. You don't enjoy 
what's  pretty but what's at ----'s door. I ask you, is this not a madness, is 
this not  a demented -----? Whilst you can -----  Hecabe, you can't ------  
Stare  Lvperce tibi iam pridem mentvla desit lvctaris demens tu tamen 
arrigere. sed  nihil ervcae facivnt bvlbiqve salaces improba nec prosvnt iam 
tibi  coepisti pvras opibvs corrvmpere bvccas: sic qvoqve non vivit 
sollicitata venus.  mirari satis hoc qvisqvam vel credere possit quod non stat 
stare  Luperce.  
For some time now, Lupercus, your  ----- has stopped standing; but you, 
madman, struggle to arise. Yet worts &  lecherous -----  achieve nothing, nor 
naughty savory any good to you  now. You have begun to corrupt pure mouths with 
------; even thus your agitated  Venus does not live. Could anyone marvel 
enough at this or believe it - what  doesn't stand costs you -----, Lupercus? 
Psilothro  faciem levas & dropace calvam: numquid tonsorem gargiliane times 
qvid  facient vngves nam certe non potes illosresina veneto nec resecare luto 
desine  si pvdor est miseram traducere calvam hoc fieri cunno gargiliane  
You smoothe  your face with psilothron &  your ----   ----  with dropax. Are 
you scared, Gargilianus, of the barber? What happens with  your ----- ? For 
surely you can't cut them with resin or Venetian clay. Desist,  if you have any 
shame, from displaying your wretched -----   -----:  this, Gargilianus, is 
what usually happens with a  -----. 
Vis  fvtvi nec vis mecvm saufeia lavari nescio qvod magnvm suspicor esse 
nefas avt  tibi pannosae dependent pectore mammaeavt svlcos vteri prodere nuda 
timesaut  infinito lacervm patet inguen hiatuaut aliquid cunni prominet ore 
sed nihil  est horum, credo, pulcherrima nuda es. si verum est, uitium peius 
habes: fatua  es.  
You  want to be ------, Saufeia, but you don't want to have a ------ with me. 
I  suspect that there's something extremely dreadful: either your ------ hang 
 down ragged from your chest, or you fear that when you are nude you might 
betray  the ------- of your -------, or your mangled ------ gapes open with an  
infinite ------, or something sticks out from the ----- of your ------.  But, 
I trust, there's none of these things and you're very beautiful naked. If  
that's true, thou hast a worse blemish: thou art a  fool.  
Moechus  es Aufidiae, qui uir, Scaeuine, fuisti; riualis fuerat qui tuus, 
ille uir est.  cur aliena placet tibi, quae tua non placet, uxor? numquid 
non potes  arrigere?  
Thou art  Aufidia's ------, Scaevinus, you who were once her husband; the man 
who was your  rival is her --------. Why do you fancy, when she's someone 
else's ------, a  woman who you don't fancy when she's yours? Can't you get it 
if you've  nothing to worry about?  
Omnia  quod scribis castis epigrammata uerbisinque tuis nulla est mentula 
carminibus,  admiror, laudo; nihil est te sanctius uno: at mea luxuria pagina 
nulla uacat.  haec igitur nequam iuuenes facilesque puellae, haec senior, sed 
quem torquet  amica, legat. at tua, Cosconi, uenerandaque sanctaque uerbaa 
debent  uirginibusque legi.   
Because thou  writest all thine epigrams with chaste words & there is no 
------ in  thine poems, I admire and praise thee. There is nothing at all more 
-------  than thee, but no page of mine is free from -------. So let 
good-for-nothing  youths read these things, and an ------- man too. But as for 
respectable and virtuous words, Cosconius, they ought to be read by  -------.  
Huc  est usque tibi scriptus libellus. cui sint scripta rogas interiora? 
mihi.  gymnasium, thermae, stadium est hac parte: recede. exuimur: nudos parce 
uidere  uiros. hinc iam deposito post uina rosasque pudore, quid dicat nescit 
saucia  Terpsichore; schemate nec dubio, sed aperte nominat illamquam recipit 
sexto  mense superba Venus, custodem medio statuit quam uilicus horto, opposita 
spectat  quam proba uirgo manu. si bene te noui, longum iam lassa 
libellumponebas, totum  nunc studiosa leges.   
Up to here  this has been written for you. For whom, you ask, are the ------ 
parts  written? For me. -------, baths and racetrack are in this part: 
withdraw. We are  undressing: keep thyself from seeing ------ men. From now on 
love-struck  Terpsichore, her modesty put aside after the wine and roses, does 
know what  she is saying. 
Cessatis,  pueri, nihilque nostis, Vaterno Rasinaque pigriores, quorum per 
uada tarda  nauiganteslentos tinguitis ad celeuma remos. iam prono Phaethonte 
sudat  Aethonexarsitque dies et hora lassosinteriungit equos meridiana: at uos 
tam  placidas uagi per undastuta luditis otium carina. non nautas puto uos, sed 
Thou  art slacking, lad, and thou've taken no notice of anything; you're more 
lazy  than the - - - - -  or Rasina as you sail through their - - - - -  - 
shallows and moisten your slow oars in time with the call. Already  Phaethon is 
descending and Aethon is - - - - - - -; day is ablaze and the midday  hour is 
unyoking tired - - - - - -. But as you wander through such placid waters  you 
play at leisure on a - - - -    - - - - -. I consider you not  sailors but 
J. L. S. 
"If You Don't *Know* Me By  Now..."

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