[lit-ideas] Re: May Day Baby -- Long Live the Revolution

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  • Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 09:31:44 -0700

on 5/3/04 6:07 AM, Michael Geary at atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Thanks to all the well-wishers. A special thanks to Robert Paul and the
> staff of Mutton College for the $260,000 tuition package.  I'm sure she'll
> need it. 

Not to be outdone by our crosstown rivals at Mutton, we at the University of
Life Sciences and Arts would like to offer your newest relative our "Premium
Package," with the pre-commencement sheepskin buff and shine (a nineteen
ninety nine value, highly recommended for those once-in-a-lifetime photos)
thrown in at no extra charge.

We do, however, insist on standards and entrance requirements.  (No
chartered ewe jet scandals here, thank goodness).  When she reaches her
junior year of high school, please have your grandaughter write an essay on
one of the two following subjects:

 "If life force--'chi'--were to have a plural, would 'cheese' be your best


"The manglewurzle has no place in contemporary art, discuss."

Send the answer on the back of a Border Collie, addressed to the attention

David Ritchie
Dept of Undenkbarkeit
Portland, Oregon

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