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I suppose you don't know how foolish you sound saying such things.  No of
course you don't, and you are probably abetted by left-wingers who agree
with you, people who don't need evidence to believe their prejudices.  How
someone could live through the various steps that led up to the resumption,
not even the beginning, of the war against Saddam's army, is amazing.  You
forgot that Saddam wasn't complying with UN resolutions.  You forgot that he
was shooting at our planes almost daily.  You forgot that he violated his
truce.  You forgot that there was justification for a UN approved war except
that France and the Russians promised Saddam they would prevent UN
authorization.  You forgot that France and Russia were in bed with Saddam as
part of the oil for food UN program (which is now called a UN scandal).  You
forgot that everyone at the time, even Saddam's generals believed Saddam had
WMDs.  You forgot that Saddam coyly pretended to have WMDs.  So to pretend
that the war against Saddam, the war that the majority of Iraqi's applauded
was an atrocity is an atrocious violation of common sense - in my humble




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> We don't have large scale atrocities committed in our name.  


Oh, really? How many Iraqi have died in Bush's war, carried out in the name
of America? 


> If there are atrocities of any size whatsover then someone is brought to


So you really think Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush will stand trial for war






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