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I can confirm that tucking in shirts is a definite 'no'.  

Then again, I purchased a pink and blue plaid shirt yesterday, so...

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Lawrence wrote

> I suspect none of us is aging very gracefully.   I too considered 
> suspenders a couple of years ago.  I have always had a problem with 
> short shirts.   My wife never used to complain about my not keeping 
> the shirts tucked in, but I'll be 76 this coming October and, 
> apparently, things aren't as seemly as they once were.  I can't 
> understand it.  I still work out with weights, take the dogs for long 
> walks, but despite all that I'm probably still going to be 76 this 
> coming October. 

I think that the current fashion is to wear one's shirts not tucked in.  

Be that as it may, I always hear my grandmother's voice whispering that 
I should tuck in my shirt. So I do.

> Oh, another problem I obviously have.  I've forgotten how to spell.  
> If my spell-check can't correct it, neither can I.  And it didn't have 
> "hippie." 

My email program, and my MS Word program do not recognize 'hippy,' so 
you should have had spell-checking help from somewhere.

Robert Paul,
older than Lawrence

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