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>You [may] buy a new copy at Abebooks.com for $21.10.
Well, yes. I guess that (with p&p) will be more 
than the 24$ I can (or may) get it from Barnes 
& Noble. 
It's amazing how 'dear' (expensive) these volumes have
turned out to be, as someone was complaining in abebooks 
("What has the American economy done with our taxes?", 
this bookseller was complaining in the description of the
book he was selling. "These Loebs used to sell for $4")
Which is what I'd like to pay for them!
But also seriously, I love to browse a second-hand bookshop 
in the middle of nowhere and find those things.
I depend a lot on WIDOWS.
You see, scholars collect books, treasure them, past them
with their homosocial ex-libris, and one day they day 
(they become, to use Geary's apt phrase, "dead white men").
Then, the first thing the widow wants is cleaning "them
old dusty books my pet's been collecting". 
And off they go to second-hand booksellers, or give them away.
Recently, I found a copy of a Loeb volume which was owned
(as the ex-libris went) by GOOLD himself -- the editor of 
the Loeb Classical Library --. I felt so sad about it! 
The poor man dedicated his life to the LCL and there you 
have, he becomes a literally dead white man and his
books -- his treasured properties -- are in the hand of
the greedy people who manage abebooks.com. I was told
elibris has better prices, too.
I wish I were in Wales -- this town with so many bookshops
-- and spend long weekend there collecting, not blackberries, 
but Loeb, with my long, refined, fingers.
If you find a reasonable (2-3$) price for a Loeb let me know! :-)

I guess I was exaggerating when I said that Manilius is the
only work in astronomy.
Arist. has "De Caelo" -- "Peri uranou", which 
should cover, as it were, the same ground.
And many Grecian authors have things on the 
planets ("De Causis Planetarium", etc. -- where
'causa' is Latin for Gk. 'aitia')

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