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Hm... I believe that the name of Aegyptus in  Greek mythology pre-dates 
Manetho. Aegyptus was the brother of Danaus (the  forefather of the Danaans). 
Manetho lived in the 3rd century B.CE., while people  like Solon, Herodotus 
and Plato were visiting Egypt much before  that.

Mmm. Interesting.

says that

"Memphis was said to be founded by King Menes."
"Memphis was associated with many names."
"It was the historian Manetho who named it Memphis."
"Manetho was the one who shared the story of how King Menes united the two  
kingdoms and then built Memphis to be its capital city."
Manetho refers to 'ka', which means 'soul'.
In the old Egyptian mythology, Ptah was said to be the creator of  
Ptah created the universe, and justly enough a temple was built for  him. 
The ruins of the temple of Ptah were excavated at the borders of today’s  
Mit Rahina. 
The Egyptians believed that Ptah had constructed the universe with his  
heart and tongue. 
His temple was referred to as "Hut-ka-Ptah", 
"Hut-ka-Ptah" means, 'the enclosure of the ka of Ptah', i.e., the enclosure 
 of the SOUL of Ptah. 
Manetho approximated this as follows:
Hut -- Aί 
Ka -- γυ 
Ptah -- πτoς 
"Hut-ka-Ptah" becomes "Ai gy ptos", which in Latin inscriptions became 
So what Manetho is merely doing is associating the name of the 'enclosure  
of the soul of Ptah' (excavated at the borders of today's Mit Rahina) with  
Memphis and Egypt.
It all made perfect sense to Manetho seeing that the ruins of  this temple 
are located near what is today the town of Mit  Rahina, 20 km south of 
Cairo, in what was THEN Old Memphis.
We would have here a specimen of one of L. J. Helm's favourite words,  
synecdoche -- seeing that the 'part' (an enclosure of the soul of a god of a  
country) was taken for the name of the 'whole', i.e. the whole country. 
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