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  • Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 03:40:13 -0700 (PDT)

--- wokshevs@xxxxxx wrote:

> P.S. I don't think that ideas can be valid or
> invalid. Validity is logically a
> property of inference (and sometimes of bus
> transfers). Inference is possible
> only from one or more statements to another
> statement understood as a
> conclusion. 

* In formal logic, "valid" is used sometimes to denote
a property of arguments, sometimes of conclusions. In
the ordinary language, we frequently talk also about
valid points, valid assumptions, valid objections,
valid beliefs, and valid ideas. Insisting that the
word can be used only in one sense seems pedantic.

> Truth is a possible property of statements or
> propositions. A statement can be
> either true or false but not both. 

* I'm not sure. Let's take something every-day like:
"Sky is blue." Or, "Dogs are cute." Or, "Travelling by
bus is frustrating." Or, "Tennis is difficult." Are
these statements simply true, or simply false ? Should
we really expect a rigorous examination of these
statements to expose them as either true or false, or
should we expect to find something closer to what most
college sophomores think, that they are true to some
extent but not absolutely ?


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