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Correct, (directed at Omar Kusturica) the premises are false, I try 
occasionally to accept that even false shit, like Heidegger’s utter bullshit, 
can be adopted “for the sake of a discussion”


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Well, I am not sure why this is posted as something worthy of attention, but 
since it is...

1. The Jews in the early 20. century did not have a 'land', at least not in the 
sense of nation-state, but they had a tradition. That tradition makes claims 
about their history that are probably largely false - for example, extensive 
archaelogical excavations at Jerusalem have failed to turn up the supposed city 
of David and Solomon - but tradition they had. They also had several languages 
of their own.

2. Genetical studies of Ashkenazi Jews have shown a fair amount of genetic 
uniformity among them, probably not less than most modern nations have.

3. Until relatively recent times, the Jews were not particularly 
technologically advanced. The most technologically advanced civilization on the 
Earth until the 17th century (if not later) was China, which didn't have too 
many Jews.

4. The Jews in late medieval Europe onward were connected with banking, but 
this wasn't so much for reasons of culture or lack of it. The main reason is 
that they were barred from possessing land in most medieval European states 
(excepting Poland where they engaged in agricultural occupations) and often 
also from artisan occupations (by the guilds; in Ottoman empire, they worked as 
artisans).True, it helped that the Jewish religion did not prohibit usury while 
medieval Christianity attempted to prohibit it, although the Catholic Venice, 
Florence, and Genoa had bankers.

Thus, Heigger's premises are largely false, although even if they were true 
this would not in any way warrant the conclusion.


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The link (above this line) was provided to me by colleagues. It gives the 
article, in the English version, detailing how the self styled philosopher of 
“being” and authetincity was starkly anti-Semitic. What is interesting about 
the issue is not that yet another Nazi semi criminal is exposed, after a 
century from the fact, nearly a century. What is interesting is that this 
“Heidegger” has an argument. It goes as follows: to be able to reach ‘being’ 
[don’t ask why anyone should reach a verb or be exposed to a verb etc.] one 
needs a specified grounding.
Step 1 the grounding is given by the Blut und Boden, the land, the tradition, 
even more weirdly by a “language” (he calls language something like his 
idiolect of Germanic descent, Greek is a language, nobody knows why but 
Mongolian does not qualify, nor it can be a vehicle of thought since thought is 
reserved for the master race)
Step 2: the jews have no such thing (well, at that time there was no Eretz 
Israel as nation-state in the tradition of political philosophy, there were 5 
jewish languages, the religious jews always claimed that they had a land, it 
was given to them by GD etc. cfr Abraham in the “bible” and so forth, but skip, 
the idea that there is a truth escapes the buffoon in lederhosen since “truth” 
is revealed in the wood, “aletheia” and all of that)
Step3 since the jews have no tradition in the relevant sense, they “do” 
techniques (of dentistry, banking, some even films and music, not to mention 
chemistry and physics)
Step 4 the duder “knows” in his perverted brain that “technique” is not a 
technique, it is a Gestell “ a systemic state of mind”
Step 5 MH concludes glibly that “Technkik” killed the jews (Zyklon, machine 
guns, showers that boil people to death, etc.)

Step 6 and, then it is clear that “jews self-annihilated
Honest colleagues that do not suffer the bizarre condition of “transfert” (term 
adopted by Miller, French psychoanalyst who describe the interest and 
fascination with MH as sexual in nature, in the form in which S. Freud 
predicted) are invited to look at vol 97 of the “works” by this Heidegger, 
available as of today.
The author of the, linked, article, is a philosopher in Rome at “Sapienza” 
(roughly “wisdom” the name of the university of Rome—


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