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Dear Dr Philipse, no I have not read it. I read Heidegger a long time ago, when 
I was young. I published work on the doctrine of categories and t of Erfurt 
(the works by MH that constituted his first contribution, one the 'gramatica 
speculativa' these are the famed Die Lehre vom Urteil im Psychologismus  & Die 
Kategorien und Bedeutunglehre des Duns Scotus [it was shown that Scotus wrote 
none of the stuff, but never mind]
Unfortunately MH becoming political picked the easiest way out, namely kowtow 
to the powerful, the stupid and the violent ones. You get Sein und Zeit from 
there. It is, indeed, a sad story. I heard the stories about the influence on 
him by his wife from Gadamer, one of the circle of people of MH's Kreis, but I 
truly do not know what to make of it. MH was thoroughly a nazi thinker and 
rather large groups of people fall for that kind of pseudo philosophy.
The black Hefte put an end to the philology discussion. On the contents I agree 
with you. I find it perplexing that people now, about a century after the facts 
are unable to face the situation. Like a group of people of that generation 
(Carl Schmitt to pick the famous ones) played a prostitute role to Goebbels and 
his goons, getting lavish benefits in return, escaping any sanction, hiding 
under layers of junk, and protection from confused people (I have in mind for 
the confused H. Arendt, Derrida, Dreyfus, in the more media-role philosophers, 
A. Finkelkraut inter alia. You may enjoy listening to the recent seminars 
(2015) at the national library of France.

All the best
(p.s. I shamefully admit that my own work is dated 1977, hence I am t.rex in 
these debates, I looked at them in the 1970's and my opinions were then formed. 
Found weird, perplexing confirmation in the black notebooks, you are correct in 
the claim that one ought to expect nothing else from such people) - p.s. this 
is forwarded to the list for public, since I got nothing to hide. If pr. Clark 
prefers not to let personal information, he is kindly invited to erase it from 
the list.


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Caro Adriano,

Many thanks for your reconstruction and the link to Donatella di Cesare's 
article, which I read with pleasure. Of course it was well-known long before de 
Schwarze Hefte appeared that Heidegger's wife Elfride was quite a fanatic 
anti-Semitic, but the Hefte reveal that Heidegger gave metaphysical weight to 
that disgusting view.

Did you ever read my (very critical) book on Heidegger's philosophy: 
Heidegger's Philosophy of Being. A Critical Interpretation. Princeton: 
Princeton University Press, 555 pp.?

With best regards,

Herman Philipse

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The link (above this line) was provided to me by colleagues. It gives the 
article, in the English version, detailing how the self styled philosopher of 
"being" and authetincity was starkly anti-Semitic. What is interesting about 
the issue is not that yet another Nazi semi criminal is exposed, after a 
century from the fact, nearly a century. What is interesting is that this 
"Heidegger" has an argument. It goes as follows: to be able to reach 'being' 
[don't ask why anyone should reach a verb or be exposed to a verb etc.] one 
needs a specified grounding.
Step 1 the grounding is given by the Blut und Boden, the land, the tradition, 
even more weirdly by a "language" (he calls language something like his 
idiolect of Germanic descent, Greek is a language, nobody knows why but 
Mongolian does not qualify, nor it can be a vehicle of thought since thought is 
reserved for the master race)
Step 2: the jews have no such thing (well, at that time there was no Eretz 
Israel as nation-state in the tradition of political philosophy, there were 5 
jewish languages, the religious jews always claimed that they had a land, it 
was given to them by GD etc. cfr Abraham in the "bible" and so forth, but skip, 
the idea that there is a truth escapes the buffoon in lederhosen since "truth" 
is revealed in the wood, "aletheia" and all of that)
Step3 since the jews have no tradition in the relevant sense, they "do" 
techniques (of dentistry, banking, some even films and music, not to mention 
chemistry and physics)
Step 4 the duder "knows" in his perverted brain that "technique" is not a 
technique, it is a Gestell " a systemic state of mind"
Step 5 MH concludes glibly that "Technkik" killed the jews (Zyklon, machine 
guns, showers that boil people to death, etc.)

Step 6 and, then it is clear that "jews self-annihilated
Honest colleagues that do not suffer the bizarre condition of "transfert" (term 
adopted by Miller, French psychoanalyst who describe the interest and 
fascination with MH as sexual in nature, in the form in which S. Freud 
predicted) are invited to look at vol 97 of the "works" by this Heidegger, 
available as of today.
The author of the, linked, article, is a philosopher in Rome at "Sapienza" 
(roughly "wisdom" the name of the university of Rome-


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