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  • Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 07:00:58 EDT

And I'll add (my second post today -- to waste, almost -- hopefully  not):

it's not about _me_ I write these posts on META.

A poster  has insulted me, twice or more: using the f- word twice. And now 
another one  has. 

None has apologised. And they should: rude language should not be  
volunteered like that on an academic list aimed at discussion of literature and 

One of the offenders has _not_ contributed to posts provided by  various 
list-members; hence my remark that he was _ignoring_ their  contributions. 
Surely the files, which are open and public, will show that  _many_ threads 
have been developing, many points made, many bits of information  shared --. 
It's the good side of things one has to focus. I have personally  tried to 
answer some of those threads, to good effect. I have learned from the  
responses, and the posters have been appreciative on the whole, as they should. 
Criticism can be good too, if expressed in appropriate 'collegiate'  
non-offensive acceptable language.


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