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To state the obvious, I would imagine that if I were
buying a TV I would go a store and compare the quality
of picture. There are notable difference between
models particullary when you get to bigger screens (in
which picture quality is generally good.) 

A.A.  I've been doing my homework on line before going to the stores and it's 
not been encouraging.  The prices are much more than I wanted to pay, plus no 
matter what I buy, in not too many years I'll have an expensive relic on my 
hands.  I would be willing to do what Josey did, which is buy a used set, I 
even think it's a good idea, but even if it came with all its parts, I don't 
particularly relish the idea of moving something that weighs probably a couple 
hundred pounds.  I also appreciate your observation that after a certain size 
the picture quality is not that good.  I did see an RCA in Wal-Mart for only 
about $1250, really cheap, 52 inches, a little smaller than what I want, with a 
pretty good picture.  I think cheap is better not only because it's less money 
but because as technology changes it makes the product more disposable.  

T.P.   Movies ought
to be watched in a theatre anyway. 

A.A.  I agree, but I joined Netflix and really like their variety and 
convenience.  I thought it would be nice to watch the movies on a big screen.  
I was going to put it in a separate room from the cable TV in the family room.

T.P. Very big screen
could be handy with a computer though, I hooked up
eight screens together a while back at our office lab
and not only does it look extremely cool in a Bat Cave
sort of way, it is so much more pleasant to do stuff
with that much screen space.

A.A.  Sounds cool.  Integrating video with computer is in the Dell catalog.  I 
remember buying our first VCR for $800 in the early 1980's.  I just bought one 
for $43.  I don't want to do that again with a TV.  Thanks to all of you for 
your help.

Andy Amago

Helsinki, Finland

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