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America the Melting Pot requires at least one ethnic response.  I wonder how 
people feel about the Balkanization of the United States into XXXXX-Americans.  
Students less often answer questions with "I feel" and more often with, among 
others,  "As a Latino-American I feel".  Many American-born Hispanics (we'll 
pick on them because they are the most numerous) dream of going back to an 
idealized  Mexico, the same Mexico that would give them a far inferior way of 
life.  Likewise Chinese and all nationalities who have their feet planted here 
while their hearts are elsewhere.  Most menus require a second language, and 
even the local Social Security offices "speak your language", by the dozens.  
Seems a schizy way to live, not just for the country but for the individuals 
with joint loyalties as well.

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MAZEL TOV, Gramps!!!
lotsa hugs,

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