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Re: [lit-ideas] Lit-Ideas More good news
John Wager <johnwager@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sat, 01 May 2004 06:24:10 -0500


Eternitytime1@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi,
> Here is more good news [okay, I don't really mean that-it really makes 
> me both worried, concerned and very sad] about how the current 
> administration feels about research and whether or not it is healthy 
> to have access to information--particularly if one has different 
> points of view (that was the major reason the administration 
> theoretically chose this particular company to do this rather than any 
> of the other ones who are more qualified in terms of education [and 
> librarianship]. 

A really interesting website with WWII Posters updated for the "new" 
Bush regime's approach to information and its power:  

In particular. look at these posters:

> There have been other articles written...but it might be important to 
> be aware that the research people eventually will be pulling to read 
> and write ... well, maybe it is a good thing, after all, that people 
> tend to use the internet *as* a database rather than the ERIC database 
> when they do their research...
> Marlena in Missouri (librarian)
> (hoping this post will come through...for a change!)

I've actually used the ERIC database for education, and even though I 
would defer to your professional expertise in this area, I must say that 
there's nothing particularly "educational" about its design. It's just a 
big collection of indexed articles; it could be about crops, or illegal 
aliens, and it would still have the same kind of data structures. So it 
doesn't bother me that the database happens to be an educational one; I 
would EXPECT Republicans to award contracts to their friends in high 
places. This is what people vote for when they vote for Republicans.  
I'm sure that the company will not do any worse job than any other 
company who gets contracts based on contacts.  It also doesn't surprise 
me that Bush's friends tend to be armament contractors rather than 
education contractors; last I looked, there is not nearly as much money 
in being an education contractor as being a defense contractor....

The pity here is not particularly education; it is that the American 
system seems to be coming apart at the seam between the parties. I can 
recall some (but less) of the buying and selling of favors under 
Clinton; they went to Democratic friends. Now we're getting the 
Republican version. But I also vaguely remember when both parties were a 
bit more embarrassed by such antics, and at least TRIED to put on the 
face of "fairness" and "equity" in their dealings with their friends. 
Now, looking at the current administration, it seems that they are 
shocked at the public's shock at the way they hand out favors to 
friends. Those in power seem to see nothing wrong at all with handing 
out favors with no pretense of fairness or competency.

> According to the American Association of Colleges for Teacher 
> Education list-serv (3/31/04):
> "The U.S.  Department of Education recently awarded Computer Sciences 
> Corporation (CSC), along with its subcontractors, a 5-year, $34.6 
> million contract to develop and implement a revised Education 
> Resources Information Center (ERIC) database. The revamped ERIC will 
> be a one-stop shop for educators, researchers, and the general public 
> alike to search for journal articles, document abstracts, and 
> full-text documents as available."

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