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It's just you, Andy.  I read the dialogue between Flew and Habermas and saw
no evidence of hubris.  He was rather soft-spoken.  In fact they both were.

Flew's issue with Darwin has nothing to do with a prime mover.  It has to do
with Darwin's original life form being able to reproduce.  


Lawrence Helm

San Jacinto 


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Is it me, or is there a bit of hubris in some guy declaring that he has
inside information that proves there is a god?  And others really caring,
that's what gets me.  Talk about one sheep, however exalted, within the fold
saying he has *scientific evidence* that there is a god, and the rest run
after him. 


Regarding Darwin, I'm no Darwin expert, but whether or not Darwin believed
there was a prime mover is irrelevant.  His theory of evolution works.


Pardon my French here, but I'm ashamed to be a member of this deep thinking
society called the human race.  Well, gotta go, gotta find me a head sheep
to tell me what's on the agenda in the universe today ...





















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