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  • Date: 13 Dec 2004 20:23:00 PST

>Antony Flew, a legendary British philosopher and atheist, has changed his mind
about the existence of God in light of recent  
scientific evidence.

>Flew -- a prolific author who has argued against the existence of God and 
the claims of Christianity for more than 50 years -- first  revealed his change 
of mind in a video of a discussion with several others at  New York University 
organized by the Institute for Metascientific Research.
Anthony Flew may be reasonably familiar to some people in the philosophy of
religion but he's hardly legendary as a philosopher (except perhaps in the sense
that the Sasquatch is legendary). Whether he is a legendary atheist, as the
first sentence above might imply I can't say. In any event, that he has recently
concluded that there might be some sort of Aristotelian first cause is not
evidence that he now accepts 'the claims of Christianity' or those of any other
established religion. In fact, he specifically denies that the sort of being he
has in mind resembles either the God of Abraham, Zeus, or any other familiar

I wonder if the Institute for Metascientific Research has a weight room?

Robert Paul
Reed College
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