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So, this was intriguing. I suppose with Bush having won, there are a lot of 
people who feel that they had a 'part' in it, maybe?  (It's the only thing I 
can see which made a difference...) 

Marlena in Missouri


Americans report feeling less alienated than they
have in the recent past, according to the latest
Harris Poll's Alienation Index--a measure of
responses to five key issue areas. Fewer Americans
in 2004 believed:

* "Most people with power try to take advantage of
people like you" (53%, down sharply from 60% in

* "What you think doesn't count very much anymore"
(51%, down from 56%).

* "The people running the country don't really
care what happens to you" (44%, down from 46%).

* "You're left out of things going on around you"
(34%, down from 40%).

* "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer"
(68%, down insignificantly from 69%).

The total Alienation Index is 50, down four points
from 2003 and one of the lowest levels of
alienation since 1973.

The most-alienated segments of the U.S. population
are African Americans (Alienation Index 74),
Democrats (67), people with household incomes of
$25,000 or less (63), and Hispanics (62).

SOURCE: Harris Interactive,
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