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Perhaps mistakenly, the writer opts for "tune" over "tube" and interpolates 
"keen to discard" as the attitude behind Leonard's loss of costume:-

"the self-knowledge that, for all the supposed wisdom of his words, he's 
"nothing but a brief elaboration of a tune", and for that matter, keen 
to discard "this costume that I wear"."

And perhaps in context this works, but it was disarming to hear:-

""Banjo"uses quaintly antique dobro, horn and clarinet to evoke how 
the mysterious image of "a broken banjo bobbing on a dark infested sea" 
affects him." 

It is not an image an unknown writer would probably offer and avoid being 
laughed at (though if they were an academic poet it might win them some award). 

Then again how they laughed at the idea of "Bach on Banjo":-

They ain't laughing now.

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