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On 28-Jan-10, at 5:23 AM, David Ritchie wrote:

.. off Dogger Bank, where of course the original incident was.

Not to be confused, I suppose with the

Incident at Ipswich - May, 1953

"Have some liquor,"
Purred the vicar -
As he fumb-
Led with his hat.

"Not on Sunday …"
Mumbled Grundy,
And he lay
Down on the mat.

"Cut the pickles!"
Shouted Nichols,
On that sul-
Try afternoon.

"Not with my knife!"
Cried the fishwife,
And she fell
Asleep 'til June.

(With a porridge
Made in Norwich
She had once
More blocked the loo.)

"Call a plumber,"
called out Summers -
Such a blood-
Y big to-do!

Chris Bruce,
thawing out, in
Kiel, Germany

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