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I wonder why the British men in the article from the BBC dress in frillies and 
like schoolgirls, then strip naked and knock others unconscious, not to mention 
watching others being knocked unconscious while everybody's naked.  In addition 
to giving new meaning to the word knockers, it begs the conclusion that forcing 
the prisoners of Abu Ghraib into homosexual acts in women's clothes was less 
about torture and humiliation and more about a sexual thrill for the Americans. 

For Julie, the Catholic Church is strange, no doubt about it, but pedophilia is 
not a Catholic disease.  All countries/religions have their share of it, 
including the Jews.  The world is weird, and all in it equally think it's the 
other guy who's weird.  

Andy Amago

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You should (re?)-read Beyond God the Father by Mary Daly. It's still a hoot, 
after more than 30 years. She says that the Catholic Church took FEMININE roles 
and turned them into sacraments: birth (baptism), feeding (communion), 
comforting (confession), caring for the sick (extreme unction), strengthening 
(confirmation).  Then, she said, just to make sure that women "got it" that 
they were inadequate at performing these roles, and that a man had to take over 
and do them the "right (spiritual) way, when men do all these feminine things 
they dress in ermine furs, rich brocades, long gloves, and long gowns!  

I think I might just have been able to handle the "chastity" think as a priest, 
but I'm not sure I could have taken the dresses.

So who's left wanting to be a priest now? Straight guys who like feminine roles 
and who like to dress like women.  I'm not sure this is a large enough pool of 
potential priests to keep the whole thing going.  

(I genuinely hope that something does change; I'm really not anti-Catholic as 
much as I'm anti-stupid.)

Mike Geary wrote: 
I'm pleased to see that Pope Benedict has finally outlawed gays from the 
priesthood.  Hello?!  2000 years ago the church made women anathema, I can't 
imagine what took them so long to get around to outlawing girlie men.  There 
is, of course, the prickly little question of where the hell they're going to 
get their priests from now.  But not to worry, there's always that large pool 
of castrated lumberjacks looking for something to do.

Mike Geary
a lumberjack's lumberjack

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