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  • From: Paul Stone <pas@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 21:54:15 -0400

> >AA: I'm watching Geraldo on Fox.  He's crying.
>PAS Jerry is a crocodile. He's perfectly suited to that area.

AA:What do you mean by that?

He's an opportunist maggot who preys on 'disaster' and spectacle. He's NOT crying real tears -- like, "crocodile tears". He's a completely morally bankrupt sensationalist who was rendered farcical 20 years ago - amemba Al Capone's vault? Did you ever catch the Geraldo show? The fact that he's STILL on television and has become a hundred millionaire -- almost exclusively because of his media frenzy -- is testament to your thrill-seeking news craving. Is that clearer? How can you TRUST this dickhead?

I haven't watched television since last weekend (summer tele sucks) but now sitting here watching it, it's fucking laughable. Not the topic of course -- that's serious -- but the way these flyboys go in there, get their stories and get out, completely detached from the humanity, all the while mock-crying, frowning and using words like "terrible" and "horrific" is disgusting. A guy who gets air-lifted to a bridge full of real refugees from such a deplorable [and avoidable] situation only to 'report' on the state of affairs, and then get spirited away to his nearby "safe" hotel room/trailer, only to change clothes and get a touchup on his makeup to return to the trenches is, how should I put this, a morally bankrupt detached asshole. Is that clear enough? News people are disgusting, lower than most lawyers. Roll up your goddamned sleaves and help. Dictate some order on this travesty. Quit reporting and help. Any prick can sit there and cry with the 'people' all the while knowing he can go, at any time. This guys one of the biggest asswipes in the world.

Julie is angry? I'm livid. The rain is not the disaster. The preparation and subsequent abandonment is the disaster. This is a lesson on exactly how NOT to handle nature's wrath. FUCK!!!! And the news people have fueled the fire. They fostered the 'cry wolf' mentality which rendered the poor slobs of New Orleans immune to their warning. One of the biggest tragedies is that at least 25,000 people didn't take them seriously. THAT is a problem. Now they are getting even more pablum and probably soaking that up thinking that the news people are trying to help. NO... they want a story. They have been on a feeding frenzy since BEFORE Last Thursday... and nobody quite salivates around this sort of things like Geraldo. He's a man? Go eat some protein -- maybe then you can think clearer!


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Paul Stone
Leamington, ON. Canada

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