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  • Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 22:01:17 -0700

Andreas Ramos wrote:

Exactly. In the 20th century the upper classes emulate the lower classes.

Les's be ax'in' Robert, my main man. That bitch Irene, she got a question. Robert, any of yo' dogs be emulatin' the lower classes? Be real, now. I'm a'watchin' you! We'uns gotta know!

My dear fellow,

There are of course many reasons for investigating the argot of society's
unfortunates but the first concern of every right-speaking person should be for
him to abjure its rebarbative formulations; and then, having secured his own
speech and writing from the depredations of the mob, to strive to efface all
traces of it from our homes, our offices, our shops, our streets, our
schoolyards--and especially from the walls of our public facilities, where its
manifestations are a scandal and a rebuke to the sensibilities of gentlemen

Robert Paul
Professor of the Good, the True, and the Bloody Awful
Mutton College
Sheepskin, Nebraska

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