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>  >>I remember the name of
> Michael Pfeiffer, my eighth grade German teacher, who died 
> in the March of my my eighth grade German class. One day he 
> was intonating the old  aus-ausser-bei-mit-nach-zeit-von-zu; 
> the next day he was dead. He was in his twenties and looked 
> like a young Vasily Smyslov. They told us it was a heart attack.

Looks like Vasily Smyslov does he?  This is during the Cold War presumably?
And no doubt he was teaching you *East* German.  Wearing a trench coat and
casting a big shadow on the wall.  Has a nondescript girl friend and lives
in a small room where he decodes mysterious messages.  One day he has a
heart attack, known at headquarters as "catching the Russian flu" ...  

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