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Here's to Alan Donagan, Norman Malcolm, Max Black, Stuart M. Brown, Jr., Peter
Geach, Douglas Gasking, Keith Donnellan, and Philippa Foot, at Cornell,

and to my professors at Oregon, Alburey Castell, Bertram Jessup, Robert Richman,
Virgil Dykstra, and Fred Hagen (philosophy), Robert Horn, E. G. Moll,
Astrid Williams, Carlisle Moore (literature) Viktor Strash (Russian), Ed Van
Atta, William Wallace, Jack Powers (French), Joel Berreman (Sociology), William
Laughlin, Homer Barnett (anthropology), Leona Tyler, Bob Leeper (psychology)
Sylvan Karchmer, James B. Hall, and Ray B. West ('creative writing'), Lou
Bellissimo (who let me bowl a term's worth of lines or frames or whatever they
are in one day to complete a PE class I'd stopped going to), Don Kirsch (the
baseball coach, who, while teaching basketball in PE had us stand with our toes
behind numbers painted on the gym floor and took roll by looking at our toes,
thereby allowing me to sleep through class during the entire last half of the
term and still get a B, when, I assume, someone unintentionally closed the gap
left by my defection,

and to my high school teachers, Frank Keltner, Ernie Heimbach, Florence
Huckleberry, Mary Miller, Earl Gillis, Mercedes Paul, Gretchen George, Howard
Miller, Richard Motley, and Alvin ('Swede') Mulliken,

and to Miss Gill, Miss Harvey, Mrs. McKane, Miss Craw, Miss Bales, Miss Rush,
and Miss Sosnik, of Central School,

and finally to Mrs. Conover, who ran the kindergarten on the edge of town that
we traveled to and home from in Gerald Dickie's dad's milk truck.

Robert Paul
thinking of names, but not all of them

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