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on 6/7/05 9:15 PM, David Ritchie at ritchierd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> on 6/7/05 4:38 PM, Judy Evans at judithevans001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> well it's silly, but no sillier, I'd say, than when (some years ago
>> now) the Sunday Times asked allegedly top UK philosophers to name
>> the greatest living philosopher and all except one named Macintyre.
>> (The maverick named Hilary Putnam.)
> Well there's a misty caw of memory.  I can't count exactly how many hours I
> spent in the Shady Boy Bar and Grill, Stephen's diesel VW Eurovan, trickling
> down a freeway at fifty four miles per hour, listening to tapes of Alisdair
> Macintyre.  More than a few.  "Macintyre, a Scot!  You'll like him!"
    Many of you know I keep a list of names I consider interesting.  Someone
else has published his.

    From today's fleeting visit to the library bookstore, I pull from my
brown paper bag, "Even More Remarkable Names," which says that "Remarkable
Names of Real People" is out there for you to find.  Perhaps in your library
bookstore?  Clearly I'm going to have to ration my dips into this volume,
but here's a taste: Mr. Humperdink Fangboner, lumber dealer of Sandusky,
Hilarius Fuchs, Continental Grain Company, New York City, Hogjaw Twaddle,
Morris Harvey College, Charleston, West Virginia, Sara Struggles Nicely,
Clearwater Florida and today's winner...

    John Hodge Opera House Centennial Gargling Oil Samuel J. Tilden Ten
Brook, of Olcott, New York, born in 1876, the centennial year, and named in
honor of John Hodge, who owned the Hodge Opera House, manufactured gargling
oil, and supported the Presidential candidacy of Samuel J. Tilden.  His
friends called him "Buck."

David Ritchie
Portland, Oregon

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