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Perhaps they thought "Early Modern Village" would be a turn-off.  But perhaps, 
indeed, they hanker for their glorious past.

"Zona arida"? -- I like it

Judy Evans, Cardiff, UK

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...are currently available in Arizona or Bridgewater.

Arizona State University - Assistant Professor, Afro-Atlantic History

Bridgewater State University - Assistant Professor
The MA. job needs no explanation.  Arizona is different.  This, of course, is 
where the 1831 version of London Bridge, the one with lights made from 
Napoleon's cannon, finished up:
You'll read here that the bridge is flanked by a "Tudor-style Medieval English 
Quite when the Medieval period ends is one of those slippery things--fall of 
Constantinople, battle of Bosworth Field are both contending closing 
events--but it is those who count Spain as the center of things who stretch the 
period as far as the death of King Ferdinand II in 1516.  Even pro-Plantagenet 
historians of Britain would hesitate to call the Tudors "medieval."  Thus by 
close, scholarly scrutiny, is Arizona demonstrated in its travel copy to harbor 
lingering Spanish sympathies.  Those who would teach there Maritime 
History/Studies/Afro-Atlantic should take note.
Carry on.
David Ritchie,Portland, Oregon   

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