[lit-ideas] Joan of Arc to the Hussites

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Jesus, Mary
For a long time the rumor and voice of the people have reported to me,
Joan the Maiden,that from true Christians you have become heretics, and
like the Saracens you have ruined the true faith and worship, and
embraced a disgraceful and unlawful superstition; and wishing to sustain
and spread it there is not a disgraceful thing nor foolish belief which
you would not dare. You spoil the sacraments of the Church,you tear up
the articles of the Faith, you destroy the churches, you break and burn
the statues which were set up as memorials, you massacre Christians
because they preserve the true Faith. What is this fury? Or what rage or
madness consumes you? This faith, which God Almighty, the Son, and the
Holy Spirit have revealed, established, elevated to power, and glorified
a thousand ways through miracles - you persecute this Faith, you wish to
overthrow and destroy it. You are blind, but not because you lack eyes
or understanding. Do you believe that you will remain unpunished for it?
Or are you unaware that God opposes your unlawful effortsand will not
permit you to remain in darkness and error? So that the more you indulge
yourselves in crime and sacrilege, the more He will prepare great
punishments and anguish for you. 
As far as I am concerned, to tell you frankly, if I wasn't occupied in
the English wars I would have come to see you a long time ago; but if I
don't find out that you have reformed yourselves I might leave off
[fighting] the English and go against you,so that by the sword [lit. -
"by iron"], if I can't do it any other way, I will eliminate your mad
and obscene superstition and remove your heresy or your life; but if you
would prefer to return to the Catholic faith and the original Light,
then send your ambassadors to me and I will tell them what you need to
do; if [on the other hand] you are not willing and if you obstinately
resist the spur,remember what damage and offenses you have committed and
await me, who will inflict similar upon you with forces human and
Given at Sully the [2]3rd,of March 
to the heretics of Bohemia 

  Steve Chilson

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