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One early version set the idyllic (yet ironic) scene thus:

When I was young A us'd to wait
On Massa and hand him de plate;
Pass down the bottle when he git dry,
And bresh away de blue tail fly.
refrain (repeated each verse):
Jim crack corn - I don't care,
Jim crack corn - I don't care,
Jim crack corn - I don't care,
Old Massa gone away.
Two further verses show the singer being told to protect his master's horse from the bite of the blue-tail fly:

 An' when he ride in de arternoon,
 I foiler wid a hickory broom;
 De poney being berry shy,
 When bitten by de blue tail fly.
 One day he rode aroun' de farm,
 De flies so numerous dey did swarm;
 One chance to bite 'im on the thigh,
 De debble take dat blu tail fly.
The horse bucks and the master is killed. The slave then escapes culpability:

De poney run, he jump an' pitch,
An' tumble massa in de ditch;
He died, an' de jury wonder'd why
De verdic was de blue tail fly.
The reference to a "jury" and a "verdic[t]" does not indicate that the slave was charged with any crime. It refers instead to a coroners jury into the death.

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