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  • Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2006 15:10:06 -0400

Stan Spiegel wrote:

You continuously say: of course, they hide behind civilians. Isn't that what all combatants do?

U: I've never said this. You're putting words in my mouth and ignoring the context of the words you're intentionally or unintentionally muddling. I said that all Resistance fighters attack and then melt back into the population. That's not the same thing as all combatants and not the same thing as hiding behind civilians.

In this week's New Yorker, in "The Battle for Lebanon," a businessman said that "he wondered why, with all the resources Hez had at its disposal -- it receives an estimated 100 million dollars a year from Iran -- it hadn't done more to protect its civilian population. "Why didn't Hez prepare for this?" he said. "Where is the food, the medicine, ? Where are the shelters for the people? Maybe, out of this, people will begin to question why they had to suffer because of the will of one man" He meant Nasrallah."

How do you answer that?

First off, I'm not prepared to accept the 100 million dollar figure on such slim say-so. Who says this? Why? Etc.

Second: perhaps the lack of preparation (and I don't really know anything independently about this either) may have to do with the fact that (as Omar pointed out an hour or so ago) Hezbollah had no intention of fighting. The first reports, you may remember, said that Hezbollah captured those Israeli soldiers inside Lebanon. It's only later that the story got told differently. (Perhaps that repeating a lie thing again). If that first version was true after all, then Hezbollah would not have expected (or prepared for) this kind of over-reaction : flattening a country in retaliation for the capture (not kidnapping) of two soldiers. I can't imagine on whose moral compass that looks like justice.

(As well, Lebanon doesn't have the luxury of all that money the US gives Israel -- maybe their choice was between shelters and schools or between stockpiling medicine and stocking clinics. I don't know -- but you don't either.)

As for that final statement in your excerpt, this has almost never been the case historically. Cuba is a good example. The ten years of sanctions on Iraq is another. Collective minds just don't work that way. Just think about ordinary social relations: I can criticize my mother, but if you criticize her, I'll defend her. Family is family.

For Hezbollah this was a war of choice. They started it.

This isn't certain...see above.

They could have prepared for that with shelters, medicine, food. They didn't because the death of vcivilians was part of their strategy. It made Israel look bad.

Do you really think that other peoples don't have the same feelings as Israelis? That other people don't care about their families or their neighbours or their nation the same way that Israel does? That's entirely insupportable.

You're getting increasingly more strident. What gives? Make it clear, would you? I'd like to know who I'm dealing with, after all.

Ask me a specific question and I might answer it. You're more than a little strident yourself, you know.

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