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What do you think of humans?  What do you think of God poking humans for a 
laugh?  I wonder today with the Shia against the Sunnis, where's God when one 
side kills the other in such horrific ways?   Where was he for the Jews?  Etc. 
etc.  The irony, we're designed to need each other, yet we hate each other.  If 
it weren't reality, it'd be funny.

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Like that was oblique?

Julie Krueger

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God loves humanity.  He loves to poke em.  Probably because they're so 
ludicrous.   If I were God, I'd poke humans too.   When I was in a good mood.  
When I was in a bad mood I'd just watch them poke each other.   It's great 
theater except they trash my world.  But if I were God, it wouldn't matter, I'd 
just make another world and I wouldn't let humans near it.  Beyond that, it's 
Friday night so I won't tell you what I really think of humans.  

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