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On Nov 17, 2006, at 8:55 AM, Eric Yost wrote:

In the book Mantalk by Elliot Jacobs, MD* . . . .

“Almost all women dislike hair on the back, but are too embarrassed to tell their mate. According to a Harris Interactive survey of 1,000, more than 90 percent of women between the ages of eighteen and forty-four find back hair to be unattractive. Yet, despite their aversion to back hair, only four in ten women would ever feel comfortable asking their significant other to handle their hairy hang-up. Though one in three men currently removes hair from unwanted areas of their bodies, including their back, chest, and legs, survey results indicate that women are looking for more men to incorporate hair removal into their normal grooming routine. When asked in confidence, the women surveyed ranked *back* as the number one area of their man’s body they desired to see smooth. (77 percent). The derriere ranked second with 11 percent of women desiring a buff butt followed by the chest at seven percent. Not surprisingly, most women did not mind a little hair on arms and legs.”

The internet has a solution,


tells you that Britons pioneered the art of shaving everywhere except their heads. Clearly all anyone has to do to solve the problem is to buy a razor invented by Dave Barry, "Yes, the razor-technology race shows no signs of slowing.  And who knows what lies ahead?  Razors with 10 blades?  Twenty blades?  A thousand blades? Razors that go
backward in time and shave your ancestors?  Exciting times lie ahead, shaving consumer! "

The full piece can be found here:


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