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Geraldine Malloy--a family name you might recognize from "Rumpole of the Bailey"; the Malloys are the untrustworthy crime family who are always making things difficult for Rumpole's chief source of bread, butter and Vim, the Timpson family--married Leonard Sailors. He died in 1982. In the same year she married Reginald Acres. Thus her obituary is headed, Geraldine Sailors Acres. Jayvan Jones also died. He worked for A1 Sandblasting and may therefore have been called Jayvan the Sandblaster, which sounds to me like a character rejected from the Star Wars series. Mandania Ransom worked for the Overland Laundry, but not Helen Lint, who was an administrative assistant for the U.S. Secret Service. Gladys Moothart Barr was a member of Orenomah Chapter #174 Order of the Eastern Starr. She was a Starr Barr.

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