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> One of the godfather movies. 

No 'G'? 

>They all drip into one
> another,

More disrespect?

> well at
> least the first two.

What have I done for you to treat these movies so disrespectfully? If you had 
come to me in friendship then these scum movies would be suffering this very 


All quotes were from GodII, an _amazing_ movie that (Pauline Kael) "widens and 
deepens" the meaning of the first (and that is pretty good movie too). [Of 
course, I didn't like it much when I first saw it - was disappointed it was not 
GdfrI in repeat; 300 watches later it still enthralls and Pacino, if these 
awards mattered, should have got the Oscar - he is, as Strasberg is, 
brilliantly controlled in his performance]

Question: when Frankie Pentangelli is about to be strangled with the assassin 
[the guy who later starred with Bruce Willis in 'Hey, save the salami", or 
something] saying "Michael Corleone says hello!!" what is going on plotwise - 
has Hyman Roth engineered a deliberately botched assassination attempt so as to 
turn Frankie against Michael?

And there is just the start of it...

It's almost as puzzling as that flying frizzbee moment in "Once Upon A Time In 
America". [Where the would-be assassin of Frankie plays a police Captain btw]. 

I had something really funny to say to round this off but I've forgotten it. 
[Yeah, right?].

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