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  • Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 01:31:52 +0200

Well, another thing is, if there are things that cannot be said, does it
follow that they can be shown ? If the aroma of coffee is difficult to
describe, where is the picture of it ?

Off to sleep.


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> It seems that Donal is going into lingiustic  philosophy as well.
> quoting:
> "No, it's not. It's not. It's really not.*
> This construction may be an  example, btw, of one that shows its sense -
> and where it would miss that sense  to interpret it merely as a set of
> "otiose" repetitions. (We may say the sense  it shows is, in part, one
> where
> writing imitates a common aspect of speech,  where speech sometimes shows
> this
> kind of repetitious emphasis.)"
> One problem here is that what McEvoy states the thing _shows_ he manages to
>  _say_.
> Actually, the 'dictiveness' (versus what I call the 'ostensiveness') is
> accountable in terms of conversational implicature. One 'maxim' goes:
> do not be more informative than is required.
> But McEvoy's utterance was, inter alia,
> It's not. It's not.
> It may be argued that the second 'it's not' is over-informative, and
> indeed, to quote McEvoy's, 'repetious[ly] emphatic' if not an 'otiosity'.
> But
> 'conversational implicatures' are ESPECIALLY _triggered_ when maxims such
> as
> those are _flouted_. On the other hand, while if Witters wants to give a
> mystic  status to 'what is shown' because it 'cannot be said', that remains
> some sort of  'wishful thinking' wherever we find ways of _saying_ what is
> _shown_.
> Cheers,
> Speranza
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