[lit-ideas] Israel, the West, and National Defense

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Who cares, Lawrence?  They -- we -- are all just stupid little tribal
peoples killing those outside the tribe because, well, because they're
outside the tribe.  It's stone age warrior thought, but fought with rockets
now.  I know you're bright enough to see through all this religious shit and
nationality shit and manhood shit -- and recognize that no one's RIGHT.
We're all just astonishingly stupid tribesmen.  I spit on it all.  I spit on
Christianity, I spit on Islam, I spit on Judaism.  They are all evil little
tribes.  I recommend the UN give everyone living in the old Holy Land $10
K., plus 10 acres of Texas or Arizona land, and give them all  10 weeks to
get their ass out of the "Holy Land", then to bomb that horrid, cursed land
with enough nuclear material that it'll not be inhabitable for 200,000
years.  But, I'm sure that even after 200,000 years, all 3 tribes will still
be around to claim the land belongs to them.  Seriously, folks, ya gotta
love tribalism, it's the most tenacious damn thing in this whole  universe.
Mike Geary

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