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“The subject line is a name of a book! And my favourite sport, if only as an 
armchair sailor!”  


I’ve been a bit more than an armchair sailor, but not much more.  I had a 
couple of sail boats that I used as diving platforms, but I also did a bit of 
sailing.  I lived near the Pacific Ocean until I retired (San Jacinto is far 
from the ocean) in 1998 and thought it would be too painful to read books about 
sailing again, but finally last year I read a few – among them was Vito Dumas’ 
Alone through the Roaring Forties. 





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> Maybe my distracted mind simply approximated the sound of 
> suspect Freud would say we’ve already spent far too much time on this slip.


Oh now. Because now D. Ritchie has to tell us about Falkland in Fife. Imagine 
living in a place called "The land of the people". There must be something 
wrong about it.


I don't know much about Fife -- has to check on a map. If it's pretty remote, I 
assume that perhaps Viscount Falkland never visited there. Or possibly he was 
born in Falkland (Palace).


If you think of it, it's the captain of the ship who possibly had the 
OBLIGATION to name any archipelago after his mecenas!


But then, my favourite island for a time, was Christmas Island, on the Pacific 


I know like "Melita" and Malta, and all the islands on the Mediterranean, like 
Minorca (where Nelson died) and the rest. Beautiful things islands are. 

The subject line is a name of a book! And my favourite sport, if only as an 
armchair sailor!





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