[lit-ideas] Re: Islam, Israel and the Code of the West

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I feel fine Lawrence. It's a bit warm here, sticky almost, but apart from that, 
I feel fine.

However, I'm not convinced that your position, what you mean, is supportable 
since it implies that you would support terrorist methods providing you thought 
the cause was right. 

I also think that you were ready to defend Irgun until it became obvious that 
they were terrorists. Now you're convinced that they were terrorists you're 
miffed and want to restrict the discussion to militant islam. In itself, that 
precludes my first point, but it also suggests that you don't want to consider 
it because while you support the cause (an Israeli State) you don't approve of 
the methods that attained it (terrorism).

For many, that provides Israel's inherent contradiction; it was a state that 
was founded on terrorism but which now abhors it. That's what I think by the 


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  Do you get to say what I mean or do I?  I'd like to think that I know what I 
mean.  I am not talking about all the groups of the past that might technically 
fit someone's definition.  I am talking about Militant Islam.  I don't need to 
provide an all inclusive statement each time I say "Terrorist."  It should be 
understood, and is, that I mean "Militant Islamic Terrorist." 

  Militant Islamic Terrorist organizations should be exterminated.  There, do 
you feel better now?


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