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I don't aspire to such heights.  I just tell them they can help me paint my

Julie Krueger

On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 12:50 AM, David Ritchie <ritchierd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> This phrase gets my vote for "possibly the most annoying one of the
> decade."  Example of what I mean: it's hard to figure out which car
> insurances you need when you rent in Mexico.  One person on the Trip Advisor
> forum suggests using Avis because that company is said to include in its
> quotes one of the four kinds of insurance people say you have to buy.
> David, "Hello, Avis?"
> Avis, "How can I help you today?"
> D. "I'm investigating renting a car in Mexico..."  [snip the boring
> details]..."Which insurance costs are included?"
> A. "Please hold while I ask my supervisor..."  [imagine hold music here]
>  "I believe insurance is included, sir, but to be sure you'll have to ask at
> the desk when you arrive."
> D. "But I asked you which *kinds* of insurance are included.  The question
> is aimed at avoiding up-charges when I arrive at the desk."
> A. "This is the information I have at present, sir."
> D. "Are you expecting to have better information in the near future?"
> A. "This is the information I have at present."
> D. "Well it's not very useful."
> A. "Is there anything else I can help you with today?"
> At this point I want to say, "Yes, you could help me bring peace to the
> Middle East, tell me how to grow Swiss chocolate on broad-leafed Maple
> trees, and explain what kinds of incentive will persuade a contractor or
> service person to show up at the appointed hour."
> But I don't.  Instead I find solace in Literature and Ideas.
> David Ritchie,
> Portland,
> Oregon------------------------------------------------------------------
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