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  • Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 07:45:41 -0400

Marlena,   your story scares me more than the polls do.  It's difficult 
for an outsider (although I was an insider once) to understand what 
Americans see in Bush.   I have family in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan 
and they are divided in their fears and loyalties.  (Although we don't 
talk of this much since things nearly came to blows in the past.)   I 
suppose from outside we see Bush without the smoldering fear 
(deliberately kept murky by smudge pots in Cheney's ofc) which makes him 
look so good from inside.   Also, Americans generally have so little 
sense of history or geography that they can be persuaded to see the 
world as they're told to rather than as it is.   But dammit, this is 
also my world that Bush is messing with.  My world, like yours, is 
immeasurably more dangerous than it was before Bush.   My world, like 
yours, increasingly resembles a heap of dry tinder waiting for an angry 
spark.  My children, like yours, will pay and pay and pay for the nearly 
unutterable greed and hubris with which Bush and Co. stride the world 
stage.   I wish it was just money that they will have to pay.  

afraid, very afraid, in North Bay, Ontario
(six hours too close to the American border)

Eternitytime1@xxxxxxx wrote:

>In a message dated 9/6/2004 8:31:36 PM Central Daylight Time,
>mccreery@xxxxxxx writes:
>We can't  keep them from doing that. What we can do is refuse to panic,
>dig in our  heels and work our buns off. Going into Chicken Little mode
>is, for sure,  the way to wind up fried chicken.
>Oh, I do hope you are correct.  <sigh>
>I am in Missouri (like Julie) which is primarily an 'undecided'  state.  The
>'swift boat' ads (funded by Bush folks) definitely have had an  impact
>(primarily in both KC and St. Louis).
>USA Today was recently in Liberty, MO (a suburb of KC near mine) as it is
>the 'true example' of one of Missouri's Undecided Small Towns.
>I live across the street from a family who invited me (yesterday) to a Bush
>rally on Tuesday (he will be in my suburb on Tuesday...the wife has tickets
>and  the husband cannot go--they both know that I voted for Bush and am one of
>the  Great Disillusioned of the Republican Party...she calls me a 'smoker who
>has  quit' as I feel quite strongly that every problem that has been created by
>Bush  (and there are many <wry look>) as well as the bewilderment that I feel
>as  all that the Republican Party USED to stand for is now being stood for by
>the  Democrats [even my mom--die-hard Republican--says the same...].)  We had
> dinner tonight with more Bush-supporters.  The primary support comes from
>his rhetoric (it seems to me...) as he claims to be this incredible born-again
>Christian (who will support Israel even though they will not be raptured with
> the rest of the Christians but who will live with 'us' in Paradise[thank
>goodness Ben and I are included <wry look> <g>])  (They explain  away Cheney's
>flip-flop on the whole marriage amendment [which Missouri  overwhelming
>passed--both Dems and Republicans which shows where the heart  is...] because 
>of his
>daughter--and have compassion on his having to publicly  say that he is not
>one way or the other--kind of like the woman in my workplace  whose sister [gay
>and married] would be horrified if she knew what her sister  really thought of
>her lifestyle...<sigh>.  Hyprocrisy is okay if it  is to keep peace in a
>family, I guess...)
>  (Of course, there were only FOUR people involved in the Kerry  campaign
>before the Dem convention in Missouri.  Since then, there are a  few 
>they really don't [in KC at least] have a clue as to how to go  about
>encouraging others. [for example--we did get a flyer on our steps this  
>weekend as we
>had signed up to get more info--but there was NO local phone  number on the
>flyer so as to assist...[my neighbors also got one <g> as my  friend has signed
>up for the Union information...]
>I hope you are right about Kerry being able to pull up from behind.   Right
>now, in Missouri, it seems it would be slim at best. (and the polls say  that
>Bush is ahead...)  Oddly enough, though, the wild card that I see is  that of
>John Edwards--and I wish wish that the Kerry people would use him more  in
>Missouri.  <sigh>  He has both the ability to be the 'fresh'  voice that has 
>been heard, the religious rhetoric that is needed [and, of  course, is totally
>true...as that is important...though of a different slant and  tune ...] and
>he speaks to what really will make a difference -- the  pocketbook.  (I think
>Kerry does, too, but I think the whole focus on  security/etc. has distracted
>from what some of his ideas really are...)
>Anyway...I did like the Wall Street Journal opinion article which stated
>that the worst thing for the Republican party would be for Bush to be
>re-elected.  I do agree--and hope IF it does happen that those in the  
>Democratic party
>will assist someone like John Edwards who could truly go  toe-to-toe with
>anyone in terms of both charisma as well as intellect and  ideas--to end up 
>the one to put the pieces together (presuming Bush does  not totally destroy
>everything.)  What I tell those I know who are either  undecided or more
>pro-Bush than pro-Kerry--if we have to go through Kerry to get  Edwards, then 
>so be
>it.  And, oddly enough...the pro-Bush people can deal  with and agree with
>that.  They are not so much as pro-Bush as they are  'better the devil we
>know...' and willing to 'take on faith' --which is kind of  interesting...
>Hoping that all is as it is "supposed to be" <g>,
>Marlena in Missouri
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