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"I believe demolishing Hussein's military power and liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk. Let me give simple, responsible reasons: (1) It was a cakewalk last time; (2) they've become much weaker; (3) we've become much stronger; and (4) now we're playing for keeps."


"Gordon and O'Hanlon say we must not "assume that Hussein will quickly fall." I think that's just what is likely to happen. How would it be accomplished? By knocking out all his headquarters, communications, air defenses and fixed military facilities through precision bombing. By establishing military "no-drive zones" wherever Iraqi forces try to move. By arming the Kurds in the north, Shiites in the south and his many opponents everywhere. By using U.S. special forces and some U.S. ground forces with protective gear against chemical and biological weapons. By stationing theater missile defenses, to guard against any Iraqi Scuds still in existence. And by announcing loudly that any Iraqi, of any rank, who handles Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, in any form, will be severely punished after the war."

[Ken Adelman, Washington Post, February 13 2002. Full article at


Adelman, along with Karl Rove, William Kristol, and others, is a member of Project for the New American Century, the group which was beating the drums for an invasion of Iraq as early as 1998. Their letter to Clinton on this subject is at


(Adelman did not sign this letter. I don't know if he was a member of PNAC then.)

Robert Paul
Reed College
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