[lit-ideas] Iraqi Snipers. Any comment or helpful info?

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  • Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 13:19:11 EST

Okay, you military types -- is this biased?  Spun?   Realistic?  I'd love to 
hear any reaction at all .... 
Julie Krueger, wondering what I've just read. 
<<"People are just tired of this. They're frustrated," said Sgt.  Benjamin 
Iobst, who lives at Sword. "It's like trying to find a fly in a  forest." 
The U.S. military leadership in Baghdad has played down the influx of foreign 
 fighters into Iraq, but many soldiers and Marines in Anbar said they believe 
the  best snipers from all over the Middle East travel to Iraq for the chance 
to drop  an American with a single shot. 
"We don't even have snipers that good," Iobst said.>> 
_Iraqi insurgent  snipers gaining skill - Yahoo! News_ 

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