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  • Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 16:00:09 +0100

Friday, June 4, 2004, 3:58:15 AM, Omar Kusturica wrote:

OK>You seem to be expecting
OK> from Lodge both too much and too little.

I don't expect that much from him, as I don't think all that well of
his books (except for _Changing Places_).

OK> But I wonder if you understood all of
OK> the allusions in the speeches given to the Messenger
OK> and others.

If you list them, we'll see (which ones you think I might not

OK> I am also not sure that you appreciate the
OK> significance of the issue from his point of view.

Perhaps you could explain what you think he thinks the issue is, and
what he thinks its significance is.

OK>  I
OK> suspect that Lodge believes that the universities have
OK> protected themselves precisely by the
OK> oh-everyone-knows-that-already sort of jaded
OK> responses,

I ssupect he wants - in that one mini-speech -- to let people outside 
know (some of)
what's happening (he also snipes - elsewhere? -- at the "new" universities of 
60s, and at the govt's "enlarging" university entry by calling
polytechnics universities). ( BTW I was wrong, Gloucester is not a
"new" university, it's a '"new" university of the 60s", a mix of
Warwick and, perhaps, East Anglia.)  That's how that little speech by
Messenger reads to me.

And I *know* that most people don't know what's happened to and is
happening in universities in the UK, so no, the universities -- who
are giving in to government pressure -- are not protecting themselves
in that way.

I'm a little surprised you know UK universities so well, Omar.

OK> their tactics. Cultural criticisms have turned to the
OK> other targets, while the central role of the
OK> universities in the past and in the present has been
OK> largely overlooked or else ignored

I thought this was what you meant. I don't think it's what Lodge has
in mind.

OK> I doubt that Lodge
OK> himself was ever under too many illusions - the
OK> initiative to which you are refering was not a big
OK> deal anyway -

if you mean the demo he and I were on, it wasn't a big deal (but was
in that academics don't often behave like that).

OK> but I should hardly think that he was
OK> the only one to have been taken in by this tactics for
OK> a while.

if you mean by "taken in...for a while" that he thinks it important to
alert people to the values foisted on universities by the last two
governments, then I have been taken in too.  Indeed to me, Messenger's
little speech does not adequately illustrate the turn of events that
has led to quotas for UK students (because non-UK students pay more),
to the cutting of valuable courses and departments (including
chemistry and physics), to the bullying and harassment of academics
and to their physical injury.  (I only knew 3 other people at York who
became disabled when I did, admittedly.)

Your more cosmic view -- which I suggest you give -- may or may not be
held by Lodge.

Best regards,
 Judy                            mailto:judithevans001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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