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I've been reading Ilan Berman's Tehran Rising, Iran's Challenge to the
United States, 2005.  I read some good reviews about the book.  He is
described as "an expert on regional security in the Middle East, Central
Asia, and the Russian Federation.  He has consulted for both the U.S.
Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Department of Defense and provided
assistance on foreign policy and national security issues to a number of
governmental agencies.  In his book, he documents everything.

He documents everything?

1) Does he document Shah? What Shah did to Iran? What the USA did with Shah? and SAVAK? Is that in there?

2) And here's the real question: does he document the documents from the US embassy? When the students surrounded the US embassy in Teheran, the embassy employees shredded everything they could.

After the students took over, they carted away the shredded documents. And then hundreds of Iranian women spent months at reassembling those shreds. This was then printed as a book: the CIA's secret documents in Iran.

These aren't declassifed documents. They are highly classified. Your Eyes Only. The top CIA and US State Dept cables between Washington and the CIA in Teheran.

The book is astonishing. You can see how Washington top experts on Iran discussed the situation in the late 80s. How they understood it, and their recommendations. I guarantee: you'll be astonished at every page.

But... this book was published only in the Middle East and Europe. It has never been published in the USA. Not available anywhere in the Land of Free Speech. In fact, I've never ever seen a single newspaper or book even mention that this book exists at all.

Does Berman document that?

You can not understand the Iranian Revolution without understanding what happened under Shah.


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