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More news at www.news24.com

Read the story online:

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Message: the rhinos are very intelligent

Rhino flattens 'paparazzi' car

Nov 19 2007 11:33:42:330PM

Nurene Jassiem

A rental car being driven by two "paparazzi" has proven to be no match
for a rhino that stomped on the bonnet and gored the windscreen.

Addo - A rental car being driven by two "paparazzi" has proven to be no
match for an enraged black rhinoceros.

Hans Reedjik and his wife, Jannie, of Hoeksche Waard in the Netherlands,
were on a weekend game drive in their rental car in the Addo Elephant
Park when they spotted the rhino.

But, said park spokesperson Megan Bradfield, when they stopped to take a
photo, the rhino must have thought they were bothersome paparazzi, and

"The rhino stomped on the bonnet and gored the windscreen a few
centimetres from the woman," said Bradfield.

Having greeted them in such dramatic fashion, the rhino then did an
about-turn and disappeared into the bush, much as if it was all part of a
day's work.

Professor Graham Kerley of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
said the attack was not unusual, although it was the first of its kind in
the park.

Rhino not injured

"This is typical behaviour, because they're mammals with an aggressive
attitude," he said.

The tourists were not hurt in the incident and it appeared it had not
spoilt their fun.

They got another vehicle and continued their sightseeing.

Police, who also were quite philosophical about the attack, said they had
to wait until the tourists had finished a second trip before completing
the accident report.

A police spokesperson said none of the park's rangers appeared to think
the event was out of the ordinary, either.

The parks board confirmed on Monday that the rhino had not been injured.

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